Nick Sumner

Assistant Professor of Computing Science

Nick Sumner
Galleria 4, SUR 4146 250-13450 102nd Avenue Surrey, BC V3T 0A3 Canada Fax: (778)782-8116 Phone: (778)782-7592

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I am actively looking for new graduate and undergraduate students skilled with C++ and interested in research that improves software and the software development process!

Research Interests

I am interested in pushing the difficult or tedious tasks involved with software development onto computers. Whether finding or explaining bugs, generating effective tests, identifying potential optimization opportunities, or some other task, people have difficulty with the subtle and repetitive behaviors required for maintaining high quality software. By automating these subtle tasks, we can improve both the lives of developers and the quality of the software they produce.

I am particularly interested in dynamic program analyses that facilitate debugging in both sequential and concurrent settings.

Recent Papers