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CMPT 354 Fall 2013

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Instructor: Oliver Schulte
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10-11 am. Thursday office hours are cancelled when there are CS department meetings.
Office Location: TASC 1 9021
Office Phone: 778-782-3390
E-mail Office Hour: R 11 am -12 pm. Include 354 in the title otherwise emails may be ignored.
Teaching Assistants: Juhua Hu
Office Hours: W 10:30-11:30 am
Office Location: ASB9838_TA_2


Course Resources

Midterm Resources

  1. Midterm Skeleton: Instructions and Appendix.
  2. Link to Previous Midterm 1
  3. Link to Previous Midterm 2
  4. Link to Previous Midterm 3

Final Exam Resources

  1. Final Exam Instructions.
  2. Final Exam Info.
  3. Link1 to Previous Exam
  4. Link2 to Previous Exam

External Learning Resources