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    CMPT 471: Networking II
    SPRING 2014

    Assignment Information and Schedule

    When and Where to Find Assignments, Grades and Solutions

    • Assignments, assignment solutions and quiz solutions will be distributed on this web page
      • A link to the assignment will be activated in the table below on or before the posting date.
      • On or before the solution posting date, a link to the assignment or quiz solution will be activated in the table below
      • Two weeks before the final exam a sample final exam and solution will be posted.
      • Assignment return dates may me modified during the term
      • If return dates are modified the corresponding latest dispute dates will also be updated
    • All assignment, quiz, and examination grades will be recorded in Course Management System
    • Any disputes regarding the marking of assignments or quizzes must be initiated before the latest dispute date
      • Inquiries should first be addressed to the TA
      • If further questions remain after discussion with the TA then contact the instructor.

    Some Useful Tools for assignments

    Many assignments will require you to use a variety of UNIX tools and commands. Links to information about some of these tools and commands are given below:
    • Information about wireshark, a tool for packet capture and analysis
    • Information about the socket programming API (there are also many other good sources) can be found at Spencers Socket Site
    • Information about the ip command
    • The Guide to LINUX IP Linux IP site has a very nice collection of on-line UNIX command documentation,
    • Information about the default desktop used in the lab see the GNOME project
    • Information about an alternate desktop KDE

    Acceptable submission formats, Bonus for Early Assignments

    • Due dates for each assignment or lab problem are given in the table below.
    • Some important facts about due dates that you should be aware of are:
      • All assignments will be submitted electronically to the Course Management system.
      • All non programming assignments will be typed (not hand written) and submitted electronically as a single PDF file. Clear scans of hand drawn diagrams or hand written equations may be included in your PDF file.
      • Expected standards for assignment preparation are given on the assignment preparation page
      • Assignments must be submitted before 11PM on the due date to be considered on time.
      • Assignments submitted before 11PM on the early submission date will be considered early
    • Early assignments will receive a 5% bonus, when your receive a bonus your score will be multiplied by 1.05
    • Late assignments will receive a grade of 0
    • On assignments 2, 3, 4, and 5 you may work alone or in a group of up to 3 students
    • If you work alone on a group assignment you still need to make a group (a group of 1) in the course management system in order to be able to submit your assignment

    Important dates

    Activity Posting Date Early Due date Due Date: Solution Posting Date Return Date Latest Dispute Date
    Sample 471 Quizzes -- -- -- list -- .
    virtual lab routes -- -- -- lab routes -- .
    Quiz 1 Jan. 21 -- Jan. 21 Jan. 21
    Jan. 28 Feb. 4
    Assignment 1
    Jan. 14 Jan. 28 Jan. 30 Jan. 31 solution text
    TCP Client
    UDP Client
    Echo Server captures
    Feb. 6 Feb. 13
    Quiz 2 Feb. 4 -- Feb. 4 Feb. 4 Feb. 11 Feb. 18
    Assignment 2 Jan. 28 Feb. 18 Feb. 20 Feb. 21
    solution p1
    solution p2
    capture files
    Feb. 27 Mar. 6
    Quiz 3 Feb. 25 -- Feb. 25 Feb. 2
    Mar. 4 Mar. 11
    Assignment 3 Feb. 18 Mar. 7 Mar. 9 Mar. 10
    Mar. 16 Mar. 23
    Quiz 4 Mar. 11 -- Mar. 11 Mar. 11
    Mar. 18 Mar. 25
    Assignment 4
    Mar. 4 Mar. 22 Mar. 24 Mar. 25
    solution captures
    Apr. 1 Apr. 8
    Quiz 5 Mar. 25 -- Mar. 25 Mar. 25
    Apr. 1 Apr. 8
    Assignment 5
    Mar. 20 Apr. 7 Apr. 9 Apr. 10
    Apr. 14 Apr. 17
    Quiz6 Apr. 8 -- Apr. 8 Apr. 8
    Apr. 10 Apr. 17
    Sample Exam
    sample final
    Apr. 1 ---- Apr. 1
    sample final solution ---- ----
    Presentatation topics - - Apr. 8 Apr.8

    Other Important Hints and Information Regarding Assignments

    • Do not leave your assignment till the last minute. Remember there is no guarantee that you can get answers to your questions at the last minute. Also, remember there are limited facilities in the network lab, on labs that require the use of multiple workstations it is not possible for all students to complete the assignment at the same time.
    • Extensions will be granted only for documentable medical reasons or in truly EXCEPTIONAL situations. Computer or network problems and power failures, even in the 48 hours preceding the due date, are NOT considered exceptional circumstances Traffic, Transportation breakdown, undocumented minor illness, weather, conflicts with normal responsibilities are NOT considered exceptional circumstances.

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