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(*) -- Core papers

Week Date Lecture ID Topic


1 5/3 L1 Welcome
Data Cube
DataCube: A Relational Aggregation Operator Generalizing Group-by, Cross-Tab, and Sub-Totals (*)  
5/5 L2 Data Cube Computation An Array-based Algorithm for Simultaneous Multidimensional Aggregates (*)
Bottom-Up Computation of Sparse and Iceberg CUBEs (*)
Efficient Computation of Iceberg Cubes with Complex Measures (*)
Pushing aggregate constraints by divide-and-approximate
Star-Cubing: Computing Iceberg Cubes by Top-Down and Bottom-Up Integration

High-Dimensional OLAP: A Minimal Cubing Approach
2 5/10 L4 Indexing OLAP Data Improved Query Performance with Variant Indexes (*)
Indexing OLAP data
5/12 L5 Compression Condensed Cube: An Effective Approach to Reducing Data Cube Size (*)
Dwarf: Shrinking the PetaCube (*)
The Polynomial Complexity of Fully Materialized Coalesced Cubes
Approximate Computation of Multidimensional Aggregates of Sparse Data Using Wavelets

Data Cube Approximation and Histograms via Waveleets
Using Loglinear Models to Compress Datacubes
3 5/17 L7 View Selection and Maintenance Implementing Data Cubes Efficiently (*)
DynaMat: A Dynamic View Management System for DataWarehouses (*)
Index Selection for OLAP
5/19 L8 Semantic OLAP Quotient Cube: How to Summarize The Semantics of A Data Cube (*)
QC-Trees: An Efficient Summary Structure for Semantic OLAP (*)
4 5/24 L10 Lineage Tracing Tracing the Lineage of View Data in a Warehousing Environment (*)
Lineage Tracing for General DataWarehouse Transformations
5/26 L11 Complex Analysis Intelligent Rollups in Multidimensional OLAP Data (*)
Spreadsheets in RDBMS for OLAP (*)
Mining Multi-Dimensional Constrained Gradients in Data Cubes (*)
Discovery-driven Exploration of OLAP Data Cubes
A framework for implementing hypothetical queries

Hypothetical Queries in an OLAP Environment
5 5/31 L13 XML, XPath and XQuery Chapter 15 in Database Systems: An Application-Oriented Approach (Kifer, Bernstein, Lewis) (*)
XML: Current Developments and Future Challenges for the Database Community
6/2 L14  
6 6/7 L16  
6/9 L17  
L18 Storing XML documents in  Relational Databases Relational Databases for Querying XML Documents: Limitations and Opportunities (*)
System RX: One Part Relational, One Part XML
From XML schema to relations: a cost-based approach to XML storage

Storing and Querying Ordered XML Using a Relational Database System
RRXS: Redundancy reducing XML storage in relations
Kaustav & Murray 
7 6/14 L19 No Class
6/16 L20
8 6/21 L22 Query Evaluation From Tree Patterns to Generalized Tree Patterns: On Efficient Evaluation of XQuery
Mixed Mode XML Query Processing
ViST: A Dynamic Index Method for Querying XML Data by Tree Structures
Projecting XML Documents
Efficient Processing of Expressive Node-Selecting Queries on XML Data in Secondary Storage: A Tree Automata-based Approach
Akshay & Fereydoun
6/23 L23 Node Indexing and Structural Joins Structural joins: a primitive for efficient XML query pattern matching (*)
Efficient Structural Joins on Indexed XML Documents
XR-Tree: Indexing XML Data for Efficient Structural Joins
Structural Join Order Selection for XML Query Optimization
Congcong & Lily
L24 Holistic Twig Joins Holistic Twig Joins: Optimal XML Pattern Matching
Holistic Twig Joins on Indexed XML Documents
On Boosting Holism in XML Twig Pattern Matching using Structural Indexing Techniques
9 6/28 L25 No Class
6/30 L26 Native XML DB Timber: A native XML database
A Succinct Physical Storage Scheme for Efficient Evaluation of Path Queries in XML
Kenton & Feng
L27 Updating XML and Indexes A, B Updating XML
Incremental Maintenance of Path Expression Views
Change-Centric Management of Versions in an XML Warehouse

Lazy XML Updates: Laziness as a Virtue of Update and Structural Join Efficiency
Updates for Structure Indexes
Shawn & Carl
10 7/5 L28 Privacy Preserving OLAP Data Privacy Through Optimal k-Anonymization
Privacy Preserving OLAP
Incognito: Efficient Full Domain K-Anonymity
7/7 L29 XPath Queries Efficient Algorithms for Processing XPath Queries
On the minimization of Xpath queries

Indexing and Querying XML Data for Regular Path Expressions
Kaustav & Murray
L30 The Semantic Web Vision The Semantic Web  
11 7/12 L31 XML Query Optimization Minimization of Tree Pattern Queries
Efficient Algorithms for Minimizing Tree Pattern Queries
Query Optimization for XML
Akshay & Fereydoun
7/14 L32 Publishing On Relational Support for XML Publishing: Beyond Sorting and Tagging
Views in a Large Scale XML Repository
MARS: A System for Publishing XML from Mixed and Redundant Storage

Querying XML Views of Relational Data
Congcong & Lily
L33 Change Detection Detecting changes in XML documents
X-Diff: An Efficient Change Detection Algorithm for XML Documents
Kenton & Feng
12 7/19 L34 RDF: Resource Description Framework Resource Description Framework (RDF): Concepts and Abstract Syntax  
7/21 L35 Retrieval A, B Phrase Matching in XML
Querying Structured Text in an XML Database
Efficient Keyword Search for Smallest LCAs in XML Databases
XRANK: Ranked Keyword Search over XML Documents
Shawn & Carl
L36 RDF Schema RDF Vocabulary Description Language 1:0: RDF Schema  
13 7/26 L37 OWL    
7/28 L38 Logic and Inference: Rules    
L39 Applications and Ontology Engineering    

Extra topics

Limited by time, we cannot cover the following topics. We leave them to the students who are interested.

Data Warehousing


A Foundation for Multi-dimensional Databases
What Can Hierarchies do for Data Warehouses

Temporal Data Warehouses

Temporal Queries in OLAP
Indexing Spatial-Temporal Data Warehouses
Incremental Computation and Maintenance of Temporal Aggregates



A Comprehensive XQuery to SQL Translation using Dynamic Interval Encoding

Semantic Web

The Semantic Web: The Roles of XML and RDF

What Did People Think About Database Research?

Future Directions in DBMS Research - The Laguna Beach Participants
Database Systems: Achievements and Opportunities
Database Research; Achievements and Opportunities into the 21st Century
Strategic Directions in Database Systems -- Breaking Out of the Box

The Asilomar Report on Database Research

What Are People Thinking About Database Research?

The Lowell Database Research Self Assessment
Scientific Data Management in the Coming Decade