CMPT 820 Multimedia Systems
Spring 2019

Programming Assignment 1

Due Date: January 30, 2019 (Wednesday)


Learn essential parts of Hierarchical JPEG and some multimedia programming skills.


  1. Write your own code to implement chroma subsampling, transform coding, quantization, and hierarchical coding for the encoder and decoder of the Hierarchical JPEG.

  2. Do not implement the entropy (lossless) coding part. Optionally, you may include any publicly available code for this.

  3. Create a minimal graphical user interface for the purpose of demonstrating your results.

Minimum Requirements:

What to hand in:

(a) Submit your source and executable files on line by the due date. (b) Hand in a short (3-4 pages) written report summarizing what you have done for your assignment in class on the due date. (c) Have a demo to the instructor.