CMPT 820   Multimedia Systems
Spring 2019

Lecture Time: Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30-4:50
Classroom: TASC-1 8002

Instructor: Dr. Ze-Nian Li, TASC-1 8223 (778-782-3761),
Office Hours: Wed. 4:50-5:50

Objectives: This seminar course surveys current research in the field of multimedia computing. Topics include multimedia data representations, compression, 3D video, image and video quality assessment, and content based retrieval in digital libraries.

  • Introduction to Digital Image and Video Compression
  • MPEG-4/H.264, H.265 and MPEG-7
  • Wavelets and JPEG-2000
  • 3D Video and TV
  • Image and Video Quality Assessment
  • Visual Content Analysis and Retrieval
  • Digital Audio Compression
  • Other Topics
Prerequisites: CS graduate students or permission of the instructor

Grading: Programming assignments 20%, Class presentation and participation 40%, Term project 40%
Late Penalties:Assignments are due at the beginning of the specified class time. For each day late, 10% of the total possible points will be deducted. No work will be accepted after two days late.

  • Ze-Nian Li, Mark S. Drew, and Jiangchuan Liu, "Fundamentals of Multimedia", 2nd ed., Springer, 2014.