CMPT 820 Multimedia Systems
Spring 2005

Programming Assignment 1

Due Date: Feb. 4, 2005 (Friday)


Learn some existing software for manipulating images, video, and music. By the end of this assignment you should be familiar with the PC Lab equipment and know how to use Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Cakewalk Pro Audio, and other multimedia software.


  1. Capture (or find) at least three video files. You can either use a Camcorder or VCR to make your own (through Premiere) or grab some from the net.

  2. Compose (or edit) a small MIDI file with Cakewalk Pro Audio or Adobe Audition.

  3. Create (or find) at least one WAV file. You may either digitize your own or download some from the net.

  4. Use Photoshop to create a title, and an ending.
  5. A useful feature in Photoshop --->

  6. Combine all of the above to produce a movie about 60 seconds long, which should include a title, some credits, some sound tracks, and at least three transitions. Experiment with different compression methods; you are encouraged to use MPEG for your final product.

  7. The above constitutes a minimum statement of the assignment --- some students get very creative, but don't go overboard on the time used.

What to hand in:

  1. Hand in a short (2-3 pages) written report summarizing what you have done for your assignment:

  2. Sign up for a short demo (~ 5 minutes) to the instructor in the lab on the due date.