NMR and Uncertainty


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Eugenia Ternovska

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Uncertainty, incompleteness and inconsistency of information are major challenges for reasoning in AI that play important roles in prediction, diagnosis, belief revision, updating, information fusion, preference handling, decision, planning, dialogue, negotiation, and learning tasks. These issues are also crucial for techniques aiming at exploiting web-based knowledge. Many approaches have been developed, which can be roughly divided in two groups :

Symbolic or qualitative approaches like  conditional and non-monotonic logics, logic and answer set programming, or possibilistic logic on one side, and  quantitative methods using probabilities, numerical possibilities, belief functions, imprecise probabilities, or fuzzy  predicates and fuzzy rules, on the other. Although differences between them are apparent at the representational level, these subareas are often linked by common goals and even similar methods.

This workshop aims at continuing the successful tradition of bringing together researchers from different  subareas dealing with reasoning under imperfect information in a qualitative or quantitative manner, as well as related fields, like ontology processing, web intelligence, machine learning and knowledge discovery, for intense discussions and initiating synergetic work. The session will especially welcome papers contributing to a cross-fertilization of ideas or tools. Papers bridging fields are especially welcome, and we also solicit papers addressing practical problems and applications.


The workshop will focus on links and hybridizations of methods and ideas in non-monotonic reasoning and reasoning under uncerainty, in relation with the following topics

* non-monotonic logics

* conditional logic

* logic and answer set programming

* argumentation and reasoning under inconsistency

* probabilistic reasoning

* Markov logic

* possibilistic logic

* fuzzy logic and approximate reasoning

* belief functions and Dempster-Shafer theory

* reasoning with imprecise probabilities

* probabilistic, possibilistic, or credal networks and independence

* default and exception-tolerant reasoning

* theoretical foundations of uncertain and nonmonotonic reasoning

* belief revision and updating under uncertainty

* fusion and merging of uncertain information

* preferences and uncertainty

* reasoning about actions and goals

* reasoning about obligations and permissions

* planning under uncertainty

* decision making under uncertainty

* uncertain reasoning in multiagent systems

* machine learning and knowledge discovery

* causal reasoning


All NMR'2010 subworkshops have the same requirements for submission, following the KR'2010 guidelines.

Papers must be submitted in AAAI style and in PDF only. The maximum length of a submission is 7 pages including references, figures, and appendixes if any. For details and references, please visit

Submission of papers is through EasyChair via


As 2010 will be the 30th birthday of the area of Nonmonotonic Reasoning, special occasions for having selected papers from the sub-workshop published in the special issue of a journal will occur:

- The Journal of AI Research (JAIR) has agreed to publish a special issue on nonmonotonic reasoning which will be based, in part, on technical presentations to be given at the upcoming NonMon@30 conference ( For this special issue there will be an open CFP that would allow, in particular, to include papers presented at NMR to be eligible for consideration.

- The Journal of Philosophical Logic has also agreed to publish a special NMR 30th anniversary issue. Authors of the best philosophically inclined papers drawn from NMR2010 and KR2010 will be invited to  submit papers to this special issue.


February 10, 2010: NMR paper submission

February 15 (Sunday), 2010: Sutton Place Hotel reduced rate cut-off

March 1, 2010: NMR Notification

April 6, 2010: NMR Paper Final Version due

May 14-16, 2010: NMR Conference


Gabriele Kern-Isberner, TU Dortmund

Henri Prade, IRIT, University of Toulouse


Christoph Beierle, FernUniversitaet in Hagen

Salem Benferhat, CRIL, University of Artois at Lens

Gerd Brewka, Universität Leipzig

Fabio Cozman, University of Sao Paolo

Jim Delgrande, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby

Didier Dubois, IRIT, University of Toulouse

Lluis Godo, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA), Bellaterra

Josef Halpern, Cornell University

Eyke Hüllermeier, University of Marburg

Manfred Jaeger, Aalborg Universitet

Radim Jirousek, University of Economics, Prague

Kristian Kersting, Fraunhofer IAIS, University of Bonn

Thomas Lukasiewicz, Oxford University

Jerôme Mengin, IRIT, University of Toulouse

Qi Guilin, Southeast University in Nanjing

Steven Schockaert, Ghent University

Emil Weydert, University of Luxembourg