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Chapter 16

Web Resources

  1. ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute):
    2010: New digital video broadcasting standard DVB-T2. The new standard (approved by ETSI) provides high definition television over terrestrial links, by deploying new error protection codes, new modulation schemes and new transmission formats.
  2. IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force):
  3. ITU-T Recommendations:

  4. For example, Series H recommendations for audiovisual and multimedia systems.

  5. MBone (Multicast Backbone):
  6. and

  7. Schulzrinne's RTP Page (Columbia University):
  8. Schulzrinne's RTSP Page (Columbia University):
  9. Schulzrinne's SIP Page (Columbia University):
  10. Introductions and White Papers on ATM:

  11. Follow "Learn about ATM", ...

  12. DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting):

  13. Follow "DVB Technology" to find introductions, White Papers, etc.

  14. DAVIC (Digital Audio VIsual Council):

IETF RFCs (Request for Comments)

  1. The IETF RFC Editor Site:
  2. Criteria for evaluating reliable multicast transport protocols:
  3. RSVP (Resource ReSerVation Protocol):
  4. RSVP Update:
  5. RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol):
  6. RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol):
  7. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol):
  8. SDP (Session Description Protocol):
  9. SAP (Session Announcement Protocol):
  10. RTP payload format for MPEG-4 Audio/Visual Streams:
  11. Architecture for differentiated services:
  12. Integrated Services over Diffserv networks:
  13. Traffic engineering over MPLS:
  14. MPLS support of differentiated services:

Fundamentals of Multimedia