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Chapter 2

A link to the overall, and very useful FAQ file for multimedia authoring is

  • A discussion of the art of Storyboarding, video planning, is at

  • Our TextColor.exe program for investigating complementary colors is here.

    A good FAQ collection on Director may be found at

  • As well, a simple Director movie demonstrating the ideas set out in section 2.2.2 may be downloaded here

    A good introduction to Lingo programming, including 3D Lingo scripting, is the book "Special Edition Using Macromedia Director 8.5", Gary Rosenzweig, Que publishers, 2001.

    Some nice examples of Dreamweaver applications can be viewed here

    A good repository of information on Flash programming is here

    Information on VRML, and a small demo VRML world, can be found here

    A tool that advertises it truns WAV into MIDI:

  • Information on SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) can be found at the WWW Consortium site:


  • Fundamentals of Multimedia