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Chapter 4

More details on gamma correction for publication on the WWW can be found from the link

  • The full specification of the new sRGB standard color space for WWW applications can be viewed from

  • See


  • for a link to an excellent review of color transforms.



  • for a much-quoted standard FAQ file on color.

    The new MPEG standard, MPEG-7 is discussed in Chapter 12. That standard somewhat sidesteps the thorny question of whose favorite color space to use in a standard definition by including six color spaces. One of them is a new variant on HSV space, called HMMD Color Space, that purports to allow a simple color quantization, from 24-bit down to 8-bit color, say, that is effectively equivalent to a complex vector color quantization (i.e., considering a more careful, but also more expensive mapping of the colors in an image into the color LUT). This new color space may indeed become important: it can be explored at

  • A Matlab script to exercise (and expand upon) the color transform functions that are part of the Image Toolbox in Matlab: the standard `Lena' image is transformed to YIQ and to YCbCr.

  • colortransforms.m

  • lena.jpg

  • lenayiq.jpg

  • lenaycbcr.jpg

  • Fundamentals of Multimedia