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sumo kindersley

Group: School of Computing Science Technical Support Staff (CSTS)
Title: Development Manager
Office: ASB 9901
Phone: +1.778.782.5476
Fax: +1.778.782.3045
a.k.a: Sue, Susan, Mummy

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Mailing Address:

8888 University Drive
Room: ASB 9971
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C.
V5A 1S6

Duties and Responsibilities:

User accounts and access
CCN (campus) accounts, CS (fasnet) accounts
login access troubleshooting
access control
Administrative responsibility for CMPT on-line publication systems
School of Computing Science WWWebster
technical report and thesis archives
documentation standards
CMPT `paperless office' initiatives
Technical support
Web Stuff
Frame Maker (multi-platform)
Unix software package installation
CSIL (Computing Science Instructional Lab) Unix systems
Consulting support
Frame Maker
Instructional tutorials
vi, emacs
Sun workstations
NeXT workstations