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Faculty Members
Andrei Bulatov
Jim P. Delgrande
Arvind Gupta
David Mitchell
Jeff Pelletier
Oliver Schulte
Eugenia Ternovska

Associate Members
Marc Denecker
Torsten Schaub

Post-Doctoral Fellows
Josh Buresh-Oppenheim
Antonina Kolokolova
Yongmei Liu

Graduate Students
Maryam Aliyar
Faraz Hach
Hassan Khosravi
Wei Luo
Raheleh Mohebali
Murray Patterson
Evgeny Skvortsov

Research Assistants
Brendan Guild
Nhan Thanh Nguyen

Grad Alumni
Diana Cukierman (PhD)
Eric Evangelista (MSc)
Jens Happe (PhD)
Aaron Hunter (PhD)
Joey Hwang (MSc)
Jonathan Kavanagh (MSc)
Mayu Ishida (MSc)
Daphne Liu (MSc)
Lawrence Ryan (MSc)
Calvin Kai Fan Tang (MSc)

Research Assistants (Past)
(A very partial list)
Chris Balavessov
Belle Chua
Leila Kalantari
James Shew

Faculty Members

Andrei A. Bulatov (; +1-604-268-6913)
Constraint Satisfaction and Related Problems
James P. Delgrande (; +1-604-291-4335)
Belief Revision, Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Reasoning with Preferences.
Arvind Gupta (; +1-604-268-6653)
Combinatorics and Complexity
David Mitchell (; +1-604-268-6673)
Constraint Satisfaction, SAT, Theorem Proving, Complexity.
Oliver Schulte (; +1-604-291-4335)
Machine Learning, Computational Decision Theory.
Eugenia Ternovska (; +1-604-291-4771)
Knowledge Representation, Formal Verification, Complexity.

Associate Members

Marc Denecker (; +32(0)16 32.75.44)
Logic Programming, Knowledge Representation.
Torsten Schaub (;+49-331-977-3080/3081)
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Automated Reasoning.

Graduate Students and Research Assistants

Faraz Hach (MSc)
Model Expansion Project
Hassan Khosravi(PhD) (MSc)
Machine learning, Data Mining
Wei Luo (PhD)
Learning Theory and Causal Inference
Raheleh Mohebali(MSc)
Model Expansion Project
Murray Patterson (MSc)
Combinatorics, Logical Complexity
Mona Seregi (MSc)
Knowledge Representation, Data Mining, Fuzzy Systems, Intrusion Detection and Genetic Algorithms
Evgeny Skvortsov (PhD)
Constrain Satisfaction Problem, Local Search, Heuristics Development and Analysis

Past Graduate Students and Resarch Assistants

Chris Balavessov (RA)
Reasoning with Cutting Planes
Diana Cukierman (PhD),
Formal Representation of Structured Temporal Objects and Repetition
Eric Evangelista (MSc),
Formal Methods for Handling Database Inconsistencies
Aaron Hunter (PhD),
Epistemic logic, security, finite model theory.
Jens Happe (PhD),
Theorem Proving in Modal Logics
Leila Kalantari (Msc),
Formal Verification of ConGolog Programs
Mayu Ishida (Msc)
Model Checking with the Inductive Situation Calculus
Lawrence Ryan (Msc)
SAT for Electronic Design Automation
Calvin Kai Fan Tang (RA)
Abstract State Machines