The Computational Logic Lab will hold its Fall 2004 introductory meeting this Thursday, September 23, at 1:30 in ASB 9705. We intend this to remain our weekly seminar time slot for this year. Please send email to if you would like to receive seminar announcements (and are not already on our list).

The purpose of the meeting will be to introduce the current faculty and students of the Lab, to discuss the Lab in general, and to discuss and solicit suggestions for seminars and other activities for the upcoming semester. All people who have an interest in Logic, Computation, and the connections between them, are invited to attend. Students who are interested, or just curious, are particularly encouraged to attend.

The interests of the CL Lab can be roughly described as the study of logics which are useful for representing or solving computational problems, and computational aspects of those logics. For further information see the Lab web page at

Current Lab faculty members are Jim Delgrande, Arvind Gupta, David Mitchell, Jeff Pelletier, Oliver Schulte, and Eugenia Ternovska. The lab has several graduate students and research assistants and a Post Doc, and has space and resources to support additional students.

Areas of interest of members include, but aren't limited to, automated reasoning, belief revision, computational complexity, constraint satisfaction, decision theory, formal software verification, inductive definability, nonmonotonic reasoning, reasoning about actions and planning, and temporal reasoning.

This will be our only broadcast message about seminars for this semester. If you would like your name put on our email list for announcements, please send mail to

We hope to see you there.