Speaker: Torsten Schaub (joint work with Jean Gressmann, Tomi Janhunen, Robert E. Mercer, Richard Tichy, and Sven Thiele)
Date and Time: Thursday June 9, 2005 @ 1:30pm
Place: ASB 9705

Platypus: A platform for distributed answer set solving

Answer Set Programming (ASP) has become an attractive knowledge representation tool, its visibility having been boosted by the availability of highly efficient ASP solvers. On the other hand, its expanding range of application creates an increasing demand for more powerful computational devices. We propose a model to manage the distributed computation of answer sets within a general framework, incorporating a variety of software and hardware architectures to allow its easy use with a diverse cadre of computational elements. Starting from a generic algorithmic scheme, we develop a platform for distributed answer set computation, describe its current state of implementation, and give some experimental results.