Call for Papers


We encourage everyone who is working on some project (small or large) that is related to Computing Education to consider submitting not only extended abstracts for traditional paper publication and presentation, but also proposals for other conference activities.

Additionally to having paper presentation sessions we plan to run some sessions where several presenters will be briefly sharing their experiences. Is there any experience that you have tried and worked beautifully? Or perhaps one which did not work but you would feel comfortable sharing? is there some ongoing work, maybe not yet complete, some particularly interesting educational activity that worked for you, which you would want to share and/or discuss with colleagues? Tell us about it in a paragraph or two.

We also encourage people who would like to set up some interactive sessions/activities on a subject that are interested or have experience with, to submit a proposal to us.


March 6th, 2009

  • Paper extended abstracts
  • Proposals of short presentations, demonstrations, panel sessions and/or informal discussions/ Birds of a Feather sessions

March 23th, 2009
Acceptance notification for papers and proposals.

April 6, 2009
Final papers due.

Original call for papers

The WCCCE 2009 Conference Committee is soliciting papers, descriptions of demonstrations, proposals for panels and proposals for Birds of a Feather sessions in a broad range of topics. The topics should be related to teaching and learning in computing science and other computer-related fields such as computer technology and information systems. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Post-secondary programs and curricula
  • New or experimental curricula at any level
  • Teaching strategies, materials and tools for specific concepts or courses
  • Gender, ethnicity, accesibility issues in computer education
  • Applications for distance and/or distributed learning
  • Multimedia applications for computer education
  • Issues pertaining to enrollment, retention, academic success and experiential learning
  • Issues pertaining to retraining and upgrading
  • Innovations and approaches to K-12 IT education
  • Collaborations between K-12 and post-secondary institutions in IT education

If you are using unique methods to teach a computer related topic, this is the place to share your approach. If you have successfully adopted a new tool or technology in your computer related courses or labs, this is the place to brag about it. If you have developed a tool that improves instruction quality for your courses, this is the place to demonstrate it. Even if you have tried methods or tools in your instruction with little success, we are still eager to hear about it. Your experience will help us all.

Papers may describe teaching strategies, research projects, or instructional tools and applications.
Panels are intended to present multiple perspectives on a single topic.
Birds of a Feather sessions provide an environment for colleagues with similar interests to meet for informal discussion.

Paper submission details

Extended abstracts may be:

Final papers should be 6 to 8 pages in length and follow the ACM SIG proceedings form.

  • Note that to be included in the ACM Digital Library your final paper must conform to the ACM SIG proceedings form.

Submissions should be sent in pdf format via e-mail to the WCCCE 2009 organizers (

At least one author of each accepted submission must register and present the paper at the conference.

Proposing brief presentations, demonstrations, panels, informal discussions and Birds of a Feather sessions

Please contact the organizers for formatting details.

Contact Person

Diana Cukierman (