Friday May 1

8:00–8:45Registration, continental breakfast
Irmacs Atrium
8:45–9:00Welcome: Diana Cukierman, WCCCE 2009 Chair, and Rob Cameron, Director of the School of Computing Science at SFU.
Irmacs Theatre (ASB 10900)
9:00–10:00Keynote Speaker: Gary Poole, University of British Columbia, Teaching in a Windstorm: Setting Educational Goals in a Rapidly Changing Discipline.
Irmacs Theatre (ASB 10900)
10:00–10:15Break and exhibitors
10:15–11:00Invited speaker: Paul Denny, University of Auckland, PeerWise - Students Sharing and Evaluating their MCQs.
Irmacs Theatre (ASB 10900)
11:00–11:15Break and exhibitors
11:15–12:30Session 1A - Irmacs Theatre (ASB 10900)
Chair: Rick Gee, Okanagan College
Session 1B - Room: TASC-I 9204
Chair: Craig Scratchley, Simon Fraser University
11:15–11:40Pedagogical Transformations in the UBC CS Science Education Initiative. D. Acton, K. Voll, S. Wolfman and B. Yu, University of British Columbia Teaching Page Replacement Algorithms with a Java-Based VM Simulator. F. Sibai, United Arab Emirates University, M. Ma, Fidelity Investment Toronto and D. A. Lill, Motorola Inc.
11:40–12:05Making University Education more like Middle School Computer Club: Facilitating the Flow of Inspiration. A. Repenning, A. Basawapatna and K. H. Koh, University of Colorado Boulder A Novel Sorting Animation: Permuting Picture Pixels. J. Edgar and T. Donaldson, Simon Fraser University
12:05–12:25Re-Thinking Computer Literacy in Post-Secondary Education. S. Banerjee and J.Kawash, University of Calgary Simplifying Algorithm Learning Using Serious Games. S. Shabanah and J.X.Chen, George Mason University
12:30–2:45Session 2A - Irmacs Theatre (ASB 10900)
Chair: Paul Franklin, University of the Fraser Valley
Session 2B - Room: TASC-I 9204
Chair: Patrice Belleville, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
1:30–1:55Why Having In-Person Lectures when e-learning and Podcasts Are Available? P. Giabbanelli, Simon Fraser University SW Development Projects in Academia. Y. Khmelevsky, Okanagan College
1:55–2:20Diversity in an Environment for Accessible Learning. S. Hadian , Camosun College and B. Wadge, University of Victoria Okanagan College and Vancouver Island University Educational Joint Projects Results. Y. Khmelevsky, Okanagan College, M. Govorov, Vancouver Island University and L. Burge, Okanagan College
2:20–2:40An Oral Communications Course for EECS Majors at MIT. T. Eng, MIT A Learnign and Collaboration Platform Based on SAGE. J. Delgado, Florida International University, M. Joselli, Universidade Federal Fluminense, S.Stanzani, University of Sao Paulo, S.M. Sadjadi, Florida International University, and E. Clua, Universidade Federal Fluminense
2:45–3:00Break and exhibitors
3:00–4:00Introduction to Team-Based Learning. P. Lasserre, University of British Columbia, Okanagan
Irmacs Theatre (ASB 10900)
Masterclass on Using OPNET IT Guru. K. S. Khokra and R. Midgley. Waiariki Institute of Technology, NZ
Room: TASC-I 9204
4:00–4:15Break and exhibitors
4:15–5:15Panel: Computational Thinking: Special Sauce or Snake Oil?
Confirmed Panelists: T. Kirkpatrick, SFU; J. Peters SFU; Y. Xu, Microsoft Reasearch
Irmacs Theatre (ASB 10900)
6:30–9:30Reception at the Executive PLAZA Hotel. 405 North Road

Saturday May 2

8:45–9:15Continental breakfast
9:15–10:15Keynote Speaker: Bjarne Stroustrup, Texas A&M University, Programming in an Undergraduate CS Curriculum
Irmacs Theatre (ASB 10900)
10:15–10:30Break and exhibitors
10:30–11:45Session 3A - Irmacs Theatre (ASB 10900)
Chair: Ed Knorr, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Session 3B - Room: TASC-I 9204
Chair: Philippe Giabanelli, Simon Fraser University
10:30–10:55 WICS @ SFU: Assessing the Impact and Outcomes of a Women in Computing Science Student Group at the College Level. K. Tsoukalas and W.T.W. Wu, Simon Fraser University Teaching the Unifying Mathematics of Software Design. E. Sekerinski, McMaster University
10:55–11:20Graduate Follow up as a Vehicle for CSIT Curriculum Assessment and Improvement. A.O. Olagunju and R. Mowe , St. Cloud State University Training ≠ Education: Putting Secure Software Engineering Back in the Classroom. M.L. Stamat and J.W. Humphries, Air Force Institute of Technology
11:20–11:40An Experiment with Online Instruction and Active Learning in an Introductory Computing Course for Engineers. P. Carter, University of British Columbia Exhibitor's Session: MyITlab. Pearson Education Canada.
11:50–12:30Invited speaker: Yan Xu, Microsoft Research, eScience Inspired CS Education
Irmacs Theatre (ASB 10900)
12:30–1:00Lunch. Sponsored by Nokia Products Limited.
1:00–2:00Computational Biology Unlpugged! S. Carruthers, K. Gunion and U. Stege , University of Victoria
Irmacs Theatre (ASB 10900)
Using Subversion in Your Class. G. Baker, Simon Fraser University
Room: TASC-I 9204
2:00–2:15Prizes, Concluding remarks, Torch Transfer
Irmacs Theatre (ASB 10900)


You are invited to the WCCCE reception, which will take place Friday evening (May 1st) at the Executive Inn Hotel. The cost of the reception is included in the conference fee.

The reception will take place at the Executive Inn Hotel, immediately following presentations, workshops and the panel. Finger food and wine will be available to satisfy the palate. Background music will consist of live jazz music. At the end of the reception attendees are free to enjoy dancing to a Latin band in the hotel lounge.

The venue is only about 10 to 15 minutes drive from SFU. You may be able to arrange rides but there is also frequent public transportation to the hotel. Some of you may in fact be staying at this hotel at which the reception will take place. Please check for directions to the Executive Inn on the conference website. An announcement regarding the reception will also be made during the conference.

Please ensure that you RSVP by replying to the email that was recently sent to you regarding this reception, not later than Monday April 27 noon, Vancouver time, indicating:

  1. Whether you will be attending - we hope everyone will!
  2. Whether you will be coming with a guest. Extra tickets will only be CDN$ 25, which is less than cost thanks to support from sponsors. You will be asked to pay this extra ticket with cash when you get your conference materials on Friday.
  3. Whether you will need a complimentary parking pass at the reception venue. (Please check the conference website for details about parking at the conference site, as details will be posted soon).