Anoop Sarkar SFU Computer Science


Although I try my best to respond to all my email, due the large volume I cannot always respond to every email individually. If you do not get a response I hope you have found this page where I try to answer the typical questions you might have about joining or visiting my research lab and admission to graduate studies in computer science at SFU.

Contacting me

  1. If you are a prospective student, postdoc or potential collaborator of any kind please find the appropriate section below that matches your background.
  2. After reading this page, if you do contact me please add the code: X.TcyM6CTZ to the subject line of your email, e.g. Subject: Graduate research position in NLP at SFU? (X.TcyM6CTZ). Please do not attach any documents (send a URL instead).
  3. If you are in the Greater Vancouver area email me to meet and talk about NLP. You can also show up and attend the SFU Natural Language Lab weekly lab meetings. Visitors are welcome.
  4. Useful information:

Prospective graduate students: Applying for MSc and PhD

If you are considering SFU as a MSc or PhD student in Computer Science, I strongly encourage you to apply. We have an excellent research lab in computational linguistics and natural language processing. We are certainly very competitive with other universities in Canada.

About open lab positions: we usually have at least 1-2 open positions every year for Masters students. As for open Phd positions we can only make an estimate in Apr/May, around the time when you apply for admission to the Fall semester at SFU. Typically we have one open Ph.D. position in our lab per year, and we require a strong background in NLP for a Ph.D. candidate (e.g. a publication in a reputable NLP conference).

International undergraduate students looking for internships

All internship applications should apply through the MITACS Globalink program. Every year I usually have a project available that you can apply for through the Globalink program. Search for my name to find the project description. I am unable to hire any summer interns except through the Globalink program.

SFU undergraduate students

If you are in the undergraduate program at SFU, and you are interested in NLP and working with me, please email me (see instructions above) to set up an appointment. Consider applying for the NSERC USRA program and the SFU VP Research USRA program.

Take the undergraduate NLP course: CMPT-413: Natural Language Processing.

SFU graduate students

If you are already a graduate student at SFU first take the graduate level NLP course: CMPT 825: Natural Language Processing.

Prospective postdoctoral fellows

Any currently open postdoc positions will be announced in the News section.