CS 300 : Operating Systems


  • PROBLEM SET 1: 5%. PROJECT 1 (10%)
  • PROBLEM SET 2: 5%. PROJECT 2 (10%)
  • PROBLEM SET 3: 5%. PROJECT 3 (10%)
  • PROBLEM SET 4: 5% PROJECT 4 (10%). Syscall Linux
  • 20% Midterm
  • 20% Final


Please post questions to google groups (unless you wish to maintain privacy) since there may be others with the same question.

For all programming assignments you have the option of working in groups of two pr three. For the individual assignments feel free to discuss before you start coding the assignment but NO CODE SHARING .

University Code of Conduct and Policies

All students should adhere to SFU Student Code of Academic Conduct. This course is on special topics designed to help you learn new things and so you are only cheating yourself.