Vancouver Bridge Centre
Tel:   (604)267-2202
Addr:   2177 West 42nd Ave, Vancouver B.C., V6M 2B7


Welcome to the Vancouver Bridge Centre, a full time bridge club.

Alert! Please see note about parking.

Daytime Schedule

Mon 10:30am
Tue 10:30am
Wed   10:30am
Thu 10:30am (Under 200 MPs)
Fri 10:30am
Sun 1:00pm

Evening Schedule

Tue 7:00pm
Wed   7:00pm
Thu 7:00pm

All games $10/person. Student concession $5/person.

We hope you find what you are looking for on our site.  See you soon at the bridge table!

A Request: Please do not use scented products. Some players are allergic or suffer headaches and respiratory problems from exposure.


There is limited parkade parking. It is important that we be good neighbours and not adversely affect the parking situation for the local shoppers.

Please carpool and find street parking if possible. There is plentiful parking on 44th and 45th Avenue on both sides of the Boulevards.

If you use the parkade, park in Level C stalls 166-181 and Level D stalls 198-220. Obtain a pass from the Director for your dash.

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