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   Test Images with Fluorescent Surfaces

This page contains links to some of the data described in:

Kobus Barnard, Lindsay Martin, Brian Funt, and Adam Coath
A Data Set for Colour Research,
Color Research and Application, Volume 27, Number 3, pp. 147-151, 2002.

(This is the appropriate archival reference to this data).

Questions, comments, and problems with this data should be directed to Kobus Barnard.


The image set presented here consists of images of scenes with some fluorescent surfaces.

See the overview page for a description of how this data was collected.

 Preview Images

All fluorescent scenes under one illuminant (95 KB)
(This is Figure 7.2 of Kobus's thesis).

A typical scene under all illuminants (70 KB)
(This is Figure 7.3 of Kobus's thesis).


8-bit TIFF images: fluorescent_8_bit.tar.gz (19.3 MB)
(Recomended for most applications)

16-bit TIFF images: fluorescent_16_bit.tar.gz (92.2 MB)
(The 16 bit images have only a small amount of extra data beyond the 8 bit images--the true dynamic range of the images is 9-10 bits).

This data was collected by Adam Coath under the guidance of Kobus Barnard in Brian Funt's Computational Colour Vision Laboratory.

 Publications That Reference This Data

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