Parameters for Retinex

Brian Funt and Florian Ciurea, "Parameters for Retinex," AIC'2001 Proc. 9th Congress of the International Color Association, Rochester, June 2001, (in press).


The recently published Matlab implementation of the retinex algorithm has free parameters for the user to specify. The parameters include the number of iterations to perform at each spatial scale, the viewing angle, image resolution, and the lookup table function (post-lut) to be applied upon completion of the main retinex computation. These parameters were specifically left unspecified since the previous descriptions of retinex upon which the new Matlab implementations were based do not define them. In this paper we determine values for these parameters based on a best fit to the experimental data provided by McCann et. al.

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Keywords: Retinex, color vision, human vision, color constancy, lightness, dynamic range compression

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