Quaternion Colour Texture

Shi, L. and Funt, B., "Quaternion Colour Texture", AIC'2005 Proc. 10th Congress of the International Color Association, Granada, May 2005


The quaternion representation of colour is shown to be effective in the context of colour texture segmentation in digital colour images. The advantage of using quaternion arithmetic is that a colour be represented and analyzed as a single entity. A basis for the colour textures occurring in a given is derived via quaternion principal component analysis of a training set of colour texture samples. colour texture sample is then projected onto a subset of this basis to obtain a concise (single quaternion) description of the texture. The power of this quaternion colour texture representation is then demonstrated by its use in an algorithm that successfully segments an image into regions of different texture.

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Keywords: Quaternion colour processing; quaternion principal component analysis, colour texture; segmentation; colour texture classification

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