Chromatic Adaptation Transforms with Tuned Sharpening

Brian Funt and Florian Ciurea, "Chromatic Adaptation Transforms with Tuned Sharpening," Proceedings of the First European Conference on Color in Graphics, Imaging and Vision, France, pp 148-152, Apr 2002.


Traditionally, the chromatic adaptation transforms used in color appearance models are calculated from the tristimulus values of the reference and test illuminants. However, with modern spectroradiometers it is just as easy to measure the spectral power distributions of the illuminants as their tristimulus values so there is no reason to restrict the input parameters to tristimulus coordinates. We propose a new method of calculating chromatic adaptation transforms based on using the extra information available in the illuminants’ spectral power distributions. The new method gives comparable results to the current tristimulus-based chromatic adaptation transforms in most cases, and better results in some specific situations such as the McCann-McKee-Taylor experiment.

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Keywords: Chromatic adaptation transforms, spectral sharpening

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