Predicting Cone Quantum Catches under Illuminant Change

Finlayson, G., Funt, B., and Jiang, H., "Predicting Cone Quantum Catches under Illuminant Change", Proceedings of the Eleventh Color Imaging Conference, Scottsdale, Nov. 2003.


Given LMS cone quantum catches from a surface under a first illuminant what is the best method of predicting what the corresponding quantum catches will be for the same surface under a second illuminant given only the quantum catches of a white surface under both illuminants? The von Kries rule is one well known method. In this paper, two new prediction methods along with a variation on an existing third method are introduced and then compared experimentally. In contrast to the von Kries rule which is equivalent to a diagonal transformation, all three methods estimate a full 3-by-3 linear transformation mapping LMS values between illuminants. All the new methods perform better than the von Kries rule.

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