I am very pleased to introduce to you CoolThreads@SFU - the Sun Microsystems T2000 server that runs 32 threads simultaneously on a single piece of silicon! (Niagara is an internal name for the T1 processor family at Sun Microsystems.)


  • CPU: Sun T2000, 64-bit SPARC v9 processor @1200MHz
  • Organization: 8 cores, 4 strands per core, 8KB Data cache and 16KB Instruction cache per core, L2 cache: unified 12-way 3MB
  • RAM: 32GB

Log on and check it out

Access Restrictions

CoolThreads@SFU can be freely accessed by the members of computer science department. Sasha Fedorova's research group has the priority to use this machine. Anyone running compute-intensive experiments on coolthreads must be subscribed to mailing list, and must reserve time on coolthreads by sending an e-mail to that list prior to using the machine. Click here to subscribe to the list.

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