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2   Running dmlc

The syntax for running dmlc from the command line is:

    dmlc [options] input [output-base]
where input should be the name of a DML source file. If output-base is provided, it will be used to name the created files. The name of a DML source file should in general have the suffix ".dml". The input file must contain a device declaration; see Section 4.4.2.

The output of dmlc is a set of C source and header files that can be compiled into a Simics module in the same way a hand-written module would. (See the Simics Programming Guide for details on writing Simics modules in C.) The generated C code should be possible to compile with any ISO C compatible compiler. For reference and debugging purposes, an HTML file summarizing the modeled device is also generated.

2.1   Command-line Options

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