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4.10   Comparison to C/C++

The algorithmic language used to express method bodies in DML is an extended subset of ISO C, with some C++ extensions such as new and delete. The DML-specific statements and expressions are described in Sections 4.11 and 4.12.

DML defines the following additional built-in data types:

int1, ..., int64, uint1, ..., uint64
Signed and unsigned specific-width integer types. Widths from 1 to 64 are allowed.
The generic boolean datatype, consisting of the values true and false. It is is not an integer type, and the only implicit conversion is to uint1
DML also supports the non-standard C extension typeof(expr) operator, as provided by some modern C compilers such as GCC.

Most forms of C statements and expressions can be used in DML, with the exceptions listed below. Some of these limitations may be removed in a later version of DML.

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