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1.4   Example Device Models

Two example device models are included in the DML Toolkit package: an AM79C960 Ethernet card and a DS12887 real-time clock. The source code for the device models can be found in the directories [simics]/src/devices/AM79C960-dml and [simics]/src/devices/DS12887-dml, respectively.

There are also two Simics start scripts that can be used to run the example devices in a simulated x86 machine. The start scripts are named enterprise-AM79C960-dml.simics and enterprise-DS12887-dml.simics, and can be found in the [simics]/targets/x86-440bx directory.

Note that to be able to test run the example devices using the supplied scripts, your Simics installation must include the simulated x86 machine enterprise (the directory [simics]/targets/x86-440bx must contain other files than the two mentioned above).

For further details about the example models, see the Simics Programming Guide.

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