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6   Simics Directory Structure

The Virtutech Simics environment, regardless of what components are included (source code or not, etc), is currently intended to have the following structure. Note that some of these files or directories may not be included in your particular package.

simics/Versionversion and timestamp for this distribution
simics/RELEASENOTESdescription of the current Simics subversion changes
simics/LIMITATIONSknown problems and limitations
simics/README.previous/README files for previous Simics version
simics/LICENSESimics license
simics/licenses/FLEXlm license files goes here
simics/bin/various utilities
simics/scripts/various tools and scripts needed for compilation
simics/src/main source code directory
simics/src/devices/main device module directory
simics/src/devices/FAS366U/a typical SCSI device ...
simics/src/devices/.... etc
simics/src/extensions/main extension module directory
simics/src/extensions/trace/generic instruction trace tool
simics/src/extensions/.... etc
simics/src/include/include files for Simics API
simics/src/misc/source code for external programs
simics/config/generic configuration files for make
simics/config/masters/main makefiles
simics/doc/Simics documentation
simics/doc/*-one/single-document HTML documentation (if any)
simics/doc/directories/multi-document HTML documentation
simics/host/directory with files for named host type
simics/host/bin/Simics binaries files
simics/host/lib/Simics loadable modules
simics/host/lib/python/Simics Python files
simics/host/lib/python-x.y/Standard Python files
simics/host/sys/flexlm/bin/FLEXlm binaries
simics/host/sys/lib/external libraries used by Simics
simics/targets/*virtual machine configurations

A Simics workspace is intended to have the following structure.

workspace/simicsShortcut to start Simics in command-line mode
workspace/simics-eclipseShortcut to start Simics with the Eclipse frontend
workspace/GNUmakefileMakefile to build all modules in this workspace
workspace/Workspace.mkInner makefile
workspace/Config.mkDefault definitions of make variables
workspace/Config-user.mkOptional file with overridden make variables
workspace/modules/Source code of user-developed modules
workspace/targets/*Example target machine configurations
workspace/host/Directory with user files for named host type
workspace/host/lib/Simics loadable user-developed modules
workspace/host/lib/python/User-developed Simics Python files.
workspace/host/obj/scratch compilation area
workspace/.workspace-properties/For internal bookkeeping

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