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4   User Workspace Setup

A Simics User Workspace is a directory containing Simics files such as user developed modules and customized setup scripts. The [simics]/bin/workspace-setup utility simplifies the management of workspaces, for example upgrading to a new Simics version.

4.1   Creating a User Workspace

To create a workspace, run the workspace-setup with the name of a workspace directory to create. It is also possible to run the script with no arguments from an empty directory.

$ [simics]/bin/workspace-setup workspace
This will create a workspace with the name workspace. The workspace will contain Simics start scripts, machine scripts and makefiles for building user-developed Simics modules.

To start Simics, without a machine configuration, run the simics script in the workspace directory:

$ cd workspace
$ ./simics

4.2   Upgrading to a New Version

To upgrade to a new Simics version, run the workspace-setup for the new version from an existing workspace directory. For example, if workspace was created for Simics 3.0.0, the following commands shows how it can be upgraded to Simics 3.0.1.
$ cd workspace
$ /opt/virtutech/simics-3.0.1/bin/workspace-setup
The new version does not have to be a more recent one. It is possible to upgrade a workspace to an older version of Simics, if it also supports user workspaces.

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