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5.5   Instruction Fetches

Instruction fetches are not sent to the memory hierarchy by default. To enable this set the attribute instruction-fetch-mode to the string "instruction-fetch-trace" in each processor object or use the command instruction-fetch-mode to enable it on all processors, e.g.

instruction-fetch-mode instruction-fetch-trace

Note: The instructions-fetch-mode is a session attribute and Simics does not save session attributes in a checkpoint. Therefor it is necessary to reset this attribute or rerun the command each time a checkpoint is loaded. You can also add the attribute to each CPU object in the the checkpoint file by hand.

For instructions fetches that cross page boundaries (x86 only) the memory transaction will be split in two parts, where the first part will have page_cross set to one and the second part will have page_cross set to 2. For non-crossing transactions page_cross will be zero. This applies to data accesses as well.

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