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7   Getting Started with x86 MAI

The Enterprise in [simics]/targets/x86-440bx/ comes pre-configured with a simple MAI model: enterprise-ma-common.simics. You can start it as you would start any Simics script:

# ./simics -ma targets/x86-440bx/enterprise-ma-common.simics
Checking out a license... done: academic license.
  +----------------+    Copyright 1998-2005 by Virtutech, All Rights Reserved
  |   Virtutech    |    Version: Simics 3.0.0
  |     Simics     |    Build: trunk Tue Sep 13 10:03:44 2005 UTC
  +----------------+      "Virtutech" and "Simics" are trademarks of Virtutech AB

Type 'copyright' for details on copyright.
Type 'license' for details on warranty, copying, etc.
Type 'readme' for further information about this version.
Type 'help help' for info on the on-line documentation.


If the log level of the sample x86 model is set to 2, it will print out how many steps it has executed every 65536 cycles. Since the speed of the model depends a lot on the executed instructions, it is a useful indication of how far the simulation has run:

simics> ma_cpu0.log-level 2
[ma_cpu0] Changing log level: 1 -> 2
simics> c
[ma_cpu0 info] cycle: 65535, steps: 128584
[ma_cpu0 info] cycle: 131071, steps: 325192
[ma_cpu0 info] cycle: 196607, steps: 521800

Note: The P4 memory hierarchy example and the scripts to handle the change from in-order execution to MAI in Simics 2.x have not been ported yet to the new targets scripts, which is why they are not presented here.

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