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12.6   Standard Connector Types

The following is a list of common connector types found in many of the architecture models implemented by Simics. Machine-dependent connector types are not described in this section. The tables list all connector directions and the connector_info for connectors of each direction, including check methods with different arguments than the connect method. The connector_info is used as argument to the connect function of the opposite component during connect, see 12.3.9.

one direction<first argument>, <second argument>, ...
other direction(s)<first argument>, ...

Used to connect AGP based graphics devices.

down<AGP slot>, <agp-bus object>
up[[<AGP function>, <agp-device object>]*]

Used to connect Ethernet devices and Ethernet links together. Up and down connectors of the ethernet-link type can not be connected together. They have to be connected to an "any" connector.

any<ethernet-link object>

Simplified Fibre-Channel connection. The controller should have a connect function that makes sure that disk IDs on the loop are unique.

down<fc-controller object>
up<fc-device object>, <loop ID>

Used to connect a graphical console to a graphics device.

down<graphics-device object>
up<graphics-console object>

Used to connect a keyboard device to a console for receiving real keyboard input.

down<keyboard object>
up<console object>

Provides connection between an IDE controller and IDE disks and CD-ROMs.

up<ide-device object>

Used to connect legacy ISA devices to an ISA bus. The connect function in the component with the "down" connector should detect port number collisions.

down<port-space object>, <memory-space object>, <interrupt object>, <dma object>
up check[<port-number>*]

Connection for SDRAM components providing SPD information. The connect function should make sure that only SDRAMs of the correct type and width are inserted in a memory slot.

down<i2c-bus object>, <i2c-bus address>
up<memory-megs>, <memory-ranks>
up check<type>, <memory_megs>, <memory-ranks>, <bit-width>, <ecc-width>

Used to connect a mouse device to a console for receiving real mouse input.

down<mouse object>
up<console object>

Used to connect PCI devices to a standard PCI bus. A component defining the "down" connector must make sure that the pci-bus object has both the memory_space and io_space attributes set, and that the pre-configuration objects referenced by them each have a map attribute.

down<PCI slot>, <pci-bus object>
up[[<PCI function>, <pci-device object>]*]

Used to connect PCMCIA (PC-CARD) devices into a PCMCIA controller. The arguments exported by the up connector is expected to change in a future Simics version.

downdown <pcmcia-device object>, <slot-id>
up<attr-space object>, <common-space object>, <io-space object>

South Bridge interrupt routing connection.

down<interrupt object>, <io-apic object>
up<interrupt object>

Used to connect SCSI disks and CD-ROM drives to a standard SCSI bus. The component with the "any" connector should make sure that devices are not connected to the bus using the same ID. Up and down connectors of the scsi-bus type can not be connected together. They have to be connected to an "any" connector.

any<scsi-bus object>
down<scsi-device object>, <SCSI ID>
up<scsi-device object>, <SCSI ID>

Used to connect serial devices together, and to different kinds of serial consoles. Either the link argument, or the console/device has to be supported, not both.

down<link>, <serial-device object>, <console title>
up<serial-link>, <text-console object>

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