2   Invoking Simics (Startup Flags)

Simics is started using the simics script in the workspace directory. The simics script takes the following arguments:

    ./simics [simics options]

Simics can be started with a variety of command line flag arguments, called simics options above. A summary of these can be found in the Simics User Guide. The rest of this chapters describes each of these, in alphabetical order.

If you want to run another host version of Simics than the default, set the SIMICS_HOST environment variable. The following shows how you can do that in different shells.

    # Bourne shell
    SIMICS_HOST=x86-linux ./simics

    # C shell
    setenv SIMICS_HOST x86-linux

By default, Simics executes the startup-commands files in the [simics]/config/ directory and in the current directory as Simics scripts after having interpreted all the command-line arguments. This allow you to specify commands that are run whenever Simics start, where the file in [simics]/config/ is run for all users sharing the same Simics installation. To prevent this behavior, use the -n simics option.

2.1   Startup Flags