3   Simulated Machines

Simics scripts for starting AlphaPC-164LX machines are located in the [workspace]/targets/alphapc-164/ directory, while the actual configuration scripts can be found in [simics]/targets/alphapc-164/.

3.1   Torus

Torus is an AlphaPC 164LX workstation with a single Alpha 21164 processor running at 5 MHz and 48 MB of memory. It has one SCSI disk and one SCSI CD-ROM, but no network device. The default configuration can be modified as described in section 3.2.

Torus is configured for an existing Red Hat Linux 6.0 disk dump, that can be downloaded from the Virtutech web site.

Additional information:

3.1.1   Torus Scripts

Starts the Torus machine with the default configuration.

3.2   Parameters for Machine Scripts

The following parameters can be set before running the torus-common.simics script. Other .simics scripts may set some of the parameters unconditionally, and do not allow the user to override them.

3.2.1   torus-common

Size of the primary hard disk. This parameter must match any disk images that are added to the primary disk.
Set to no to stop at MILO prompt, without booting the OS.
Set to no to prevent the script from logging in as root automatically when the operating system has reached the login prompt.
The clock frequency in MHz for the processor.
The total amount of system memory, in MB.
Date and time of the real-time clock at boot.
Set to "yes" in order to use a text console with the VGA device (default), "no" creates a graphical console.