3   Simulated Machines

Simics scripts for starting ARM-SA1110 machines are located in the [workspace]/targets/arm-sa1110/ directory, while the actual configuration scripts can be found in [simics]/targets/arm-sa1110/.

3.1   sa1110-linux

The sa1110-linux is a simple Intel StrongARM system, with a single ARMv5 processor running at 30 MHz, and 32 MB of memory. It has a single serial port with a text console connected to it.

The sa1110-linux machine runs a Linux 2.4.12 kernel with a RAM disk, that both are loaded directly into the main memory, since there is no storage device modelled. There is no SimicsFS support in the supplied Linux kernel. As no bootloader is run, a faked bootloader information structure is also set up.

The following files are also required by sa1110-linux, but are not included in the Simics distribution. They must be downloaded separately from and placed in the [simics]/import/arm directory.

vmlinuxLinux kernel
initrdRAM disk

3.1.1   sa1110-linux Scripts

Starts the sa1110-linux machine with the default configuration.

3.2   Parameters for Machine Scripts

The following parameters can be set before running the sa1110-linux-common.simics script. Other .simics scripts may set some of the parameters unconditionally, and do not allow the user to override them.

3.2.1   sa1110-linux-common

The clock frequency in MHz for the processor.
The file containing the initrd ram disk for Linux. If set, this file is loaded directly into memory at address 0xc0400000.
The file containing the Linux kernel. If set, this file is loaded directly into memory, and the program counter is set to point to the entry point of the file.