2   Simics/IA64-460GX Overview

2.1   Introduction

Simics/IA64-460GX models machines based on the Itanium processor (from the Intel Itanium processor family, also known as IPF. The machines are based on the Intel 460GX chipset, and may be configured with up to 32 processors. Only Linux is supported as target operating system.

2.2   Supported Hardware

The Simics/IA64-460GX machine is somewhat similar to the HP i2000 workstation, also known as "BigSur"). Unlike the HP i2000 workstation, the machine in Simics can be configured with more than two processors (as long as this is supported by the target operating system).

The Intel 460GX chipset supports up to 4-way multiprocessor configurations. The simulated model of this chipset, however, supports an arbitrary number of processors. In this case, Linux will support configurations with up to 32 processors.

The 460GX chipset can be divided into several components, and the simulated model supports a subset of these components (that will allow Linux to run unmodified). In particular, parts of the following components are simulated:

Chipset Components
System Address Controller(SAC)82461GX
I/O and Firmware Bridge(IFB)82468GX
Programmable Interrupt Device(PID)UPD66566S1

Note: The chipset compontents included with Simics/IA64-460GX is only a small subset of the real 460GX chipset.