3   Simulated Machines

Simics scripts for starting Niagara Simple machines are located in the [workspace]/targets/niagara-simple/ directory, while the actual configuration scripts can be found in [simics]/targets/niagara-simple/.

3.1   niagara-simple-solaris

The niagara-simple machine is the only configuration distributed. It has an UltraSPARC T1 processor running at 5 MHz, and 256 MB of memory. One, two or all 32 strands (virtual processors/hardware threads) can be enabled. The default configuration can be modified as described in section 3.2. The reason that the memory size, processor frequency and number of strands cannot be changed is that they are hardcoded in binary files used by the OBP.

3.1.1   Niagara-simple Scripts

Starts the Niagara-simple machine with the default configuration.

3.2   Parameters for Machine Scripts

The following parameters can be set before running the niagara-simple-solaris-common.simics. Other .simics scripts may set some of the parameters unconditionally, and do not allow the user to override them.

3.2.1   niagara-simple-solaris-common

Set to no to stop at OBP prompt, without booting the OS.
Set to no to prevent the script from logging in as root automatically when the operating system has reached the login prompt.
The clock frequency in MHz of the processors. This value can currently not be changed from 5 MHz.
Date and time of the real-time clock at boot.
The number of strands (virtual processors) in the machine. The supported values are currently 1, 2 and 32.
when set to yes (default), a "diff" disk image is added to the default disk image files from Sun, providing SimicsFS support.