2   Simics/Serengeti Overview

2.1   Introduction

Simics/Serengeti models the Sun Fire 3800 - 6800 class of servers. A Serengeti server can be configured with up to 24 UltraSPARC III, UltraSPARC III Cu (III+), UltraSPARC IV, or UltraSPARC IV+ processors and 192GB of memory. A variety of PCI-bus based devices are supported. Only Solaris is supported as target Operating System.

Virtutech does not provide any disk images with Solaris for Serengeti, due to licensing issues. However, scripts are included for installing Solaris 8, 9 or 10 on the virtual machine. Installing Solaris is described in chapter 6.1.

2.2   Supported Hardware

Serengeti servers can have up to 10 board-slots depending on the model. Simics models the largest machine, Sun Fire 6800, by default, but this is configurable. The first 6 slots can hold CPU boards, and the last 4 can hold I/O boards. There are three kinds of PCI boards, the kind that can be used depends on the server model. For example, the 3800 server only supports the (SP) cPCI board.

Sun Fire 3800SP2 CPU boards + 2 I/O boards
Sun Fire 4800MD3 CPU boards + 2 I/O boards
Sun Fire 4810ME3 CPU boards + 2 I/O boards
Sun Fire 6800DS6 CPU boards + 4 I/O boards

CPU Boards
0 - 4 UltraSPARC-IIImax 8 GB of memory per CPU, 32GB total
0 - 4 UltraSPARC-III Cumax 8 GB of memory per CPU, 32GB total
0 - 4 UltraSPARC-IVmax 8 GB of memory per CPU, 32GB total
0 - 4 UltraSPARC-IV+max 8 GB of memory per CPU, 32GB total

I/O Boards
8 slot PCI board
4-slot Compact PCI board
6-slot Compact PCI boardSP Chassis only

Supported Devices
'ce'Gb Ethernet controller(Cassini+)
'bge'Gb Ethernet controller(BCM5703C)
'bge'Dual Gb Ethernet controller(BCM5704C)
'hme'Ethernet controller(Cheerio)
'glm'SCSI controller(SYM53C875)
'isp'SCSI controller(ISP1040)
'pgx64'24-Bit Frame Buffer(pgx64)
'qlc'Fibre-Channel controller(ISP2200)
PCI-to-PCI bridge(i21152)
PCI-to-PCI bridge(i21554)

A good guide to the Sun Fire servers and what boards and devices that are supported can be found in the "Sun System Handbook", available online at:

Note: The Simics/Serengeti model does not currently support a keyboard or mouse, and thus the pgx64 card cannot be used to create an interactive X session. It can be used as a passive display by starting an X server in no mouse and no keyboard mode.