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4.1   Launch Simulation

The installation of Simics is made to be shared among several users, and therefore you first need to create your own workspace. A workspace is a place where you have write permission and can save your own Simics files.

Type the following commands in a terminal, to create a workspace called simics-workspace in your home directory. Replace [simics] with your Simics installation directory.

joe@computer: ~$ [simics]/bin/workspace-setup ~/simics-workspace
Setting up Simics workspace directory: /home/joe/simics-workspace
joe@computer: ~$ cd simics-workspace
joe@computer: simics-workspace$

The preconfigured Ebony machines reside under the directory targets/ebony/. Launch the firststeps configuration in the command-line environment of Simics.

joe@computer: simics-workspace$ ./simics targets/ebony/ebony-linux-firststeps.simics

Simulation starts in suspended mode, and the Simics prompt will appear, waiting for you to give further commands.

In this guide, interaction with the Simics console will be presented in monospace font. User input will be presented in bold font.

simics>  this is something that you should type
This is output from Simics

Ebony's screen will be shown in an additional window. It is initially empty before the machine is started.

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