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4.2   Running the Simulation

You start the simulation with the command continue.

simics>  continue

As the simulation is running, you will see the boot process in the terminal connected to Ebony.

At any time you can pause the simulation by pressing control-C. Simics will stop between two instructions and bring you back to the prompt.

[press control-C]
[cpu0] v:0xc0003d0c p:0x000003d0c  beq- cr4,0xc0003d1c
simics>  continue

After some time Linux will be up and running and you arrive at the command line prompt. See figure 1.

Figure 1. A booted Montavista Linux

You can now try typing a few commands on the prompt:

root@firststeps: ~# pwd
root@firststeps: ~# ls /
LICENSE     dev         host        lost+found  proc        tmp
bin         etc         lib         mnt         root        usr
boot        home        linuxrc     opt         sbin        var
root@firststeps: ~#

Note: If the terminal console does not respond, make sure that the simulation is actually running.

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