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7   Managing Disks, Floppies, and CD-ROMs

In order to use Simics, you must have images (also called disk dumps) with the operating system and the applications you plan to run. Depending on the type of machine you are using, these images will corresponds to the contents of a disk, a flash memory, a CD-ROM, etc. Virtutech provides images that work with the example machines located in the targets directory.

Simics images are usually stored in a special format called craff (for Compressed Random Access File Format) to save disk space. Simics also accepts a raw binary dump as an image. This is sometimes more practical if you are manipulating images outside Simics. Simics comes with the craff utility to manipulate and convert images in craff format (see section 7.1.7).

This chapter will explain the following:

To provide you with a more practical overview, here are the ways you can install and modify the operating system and the applications you wish to run:

Using Simics:

Don't forget to read more about images in section 7.1.1 to learn how to save or re-use your changes.

Using External Programs

7.1   Working with Images

7.2   CD-ROMs and Floppies

7.3   Using SimicsFS

7.4   Importing a Real Disk into Simics

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