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10   Connecting to a Real Network

Connecting a simulator to a real network opens many new possibilities. You can, for example, easily download files to simulated machines using FTP, access the simulated machines remotely through telnet, or test software on simulated machines against real machines.

Before you can connect to a real network you may need to make some preparations on the simulation host to allow Simics to access the host's Ethernet interfaces. These are described in section 10.1. Section 10.2 describes how to select the correct host interface when running on a host with multiple Ethernet interfaces.

The examples in section 10.4 all start from a checkpoint, so if you want to try the examples you will need to prepare a checkpoint according to the instructions in section 10.3.

Simics is very flexible when it comes to connecting to real networks. There are four different types of connections, to cover almost any use. Section 10.4 describes the connection types, and how to choose which one to use.

Finally, section 10.5 describes how you can tune real network connections to improve their performance, and section 10.6 contains a troubleshooting guide in case you run into problems.

Note: Connecting a simulated network to a real network requires some knowledge of network administration issues.

10.1   Accessing Host Ethernet Interfaces

10.2   Selecting Host Ethernet Interface

10.3   Preparing for the Examples

10.4   Connection Types

10.5   Performance

10.6   Troubleshooting

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