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3   Introduction

Simics is an efficient, instrumented, system level instruction set simulator.

Simics fully virtualizes the target computer, allowing simulation of multiprocessor systems as well as a cluster of independent systems, and even networks, regardless of the simulator host type. The virtualization also allows Simics to be cross platform. For instance, Simics/SunFire can run on a Linux/x86 system, thus simulating a 64-bit big-endian system on a 32-bit little endian host.

The end uses for Simics include program analysis, computer architecture research, and kernel debugging. The analysis support includes code profiling and memory hierarchy simulation (i.e., cache hierarchies). Debugging support includes a wide variety of breakpoint types. The support for system-level simulation allows operating system code to be developed and analyzed.

3.1   Hosts and Targets

3.2   Host Recommendations

3.3   Simics Targets

3.4   Simics Version Number

3.5   Simics Compatibility

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