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15.2   Tab Completion

The command line interface has a tab-completion facility (if the readhist helper program has been started—Simics should do that automatically when supported). It works not only on commands but on their arguments as well. The philosophy is that the user should be able to press the tab key when uncertain about what to type, and Simics should fill in the text or list alternatives.

For example com<tab> will expand to the command beginning with com or list all commands with that prefix if there are several. Similarly, disassemble <tab> will display all arguments available for the command. In this case Simics will write:

address =   count =     cpu-name =

to indicate that these alternatives for arguments exists. Typing disassemble cp<tab> will expand to disassemble cpu-name = and a further tab will fill in the name of the CPU that is defined (or list all of them).

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