CMPT 371: Computer Networks  

Instructor: Funda Ergun


Welcome to CMPT 371!

The final is coming up! My office hour will be tuesday April 16 1pm--2pm. Here are a few final exam samples from previous years: final 1, final 2, and final 3,

The midterm will be on Feb 25; it will cover everything up to but not including Dijkstra.

Some sample midters can be found here and here. I am posting the slides for Computer Networking, A Top Down Approach, courtesy of the authors Jim Kurose and Keith Ross, who hold the copyright. I am posting a slightly modified version, please stick to these rather than other copies.

Syllabus, Homeworks, etc.

Assignment 1

Solutions to Assignment 1

Assignment 2 due Feb 25.

Solutions to Assignment 2

Assignment 3 due March 20.

Solutions to Assignment 3

Assignment 4 due April 3.

Solutions to Assignment 4


Slides for Chapter 1

Slides for Chapter 2

Slides for Chapter 3

Slides for Chapter 4

Slides for Chapter 5 and in pdf.

Slides for Chapter 7