Course Specific Information

CMPT 102

For this course, you can get away with a text-only connection. You can make multiple connections and use one for an editor and one to compile and run your code. The emacs text editor can be used in text-only mode.

If you can get things set up to make a graphical connection, you might find it's a lot easier to work with.

When in the lab, you use the Linux (fruit lab) machines. You can use these machines for a remote connection as well.

CMPT 250

To use the synopsis debugger, you need X-Windows. This is theoretically possible with Windows, but far easier with Unix or Linux.

If you have Linux or a Unix at home, you can definitely use it. If not, what kind of geek are you?

If you have access to another Unix machine on campus, you can follow nearly the same method as connecting from a Linux machine (you can probably connect directly to orion.csil, without first going through fraser).

If you only want to use the analyser, you don't need a graphical connection, and you can use a text-only connection, which is much easier than trying to do X from Windows.

From off-campus, you have to connect first to From there, you can connect directly to orion.csil.

You can also work with any other VHDL implementation. We will be marking on Synopsys in the lab, though, so it's your responsibility to make sure your model works there. There are some pointers to other VHDL implementations on the CMPT 250 web site. Pointers to more free VHDL implementations are welcome.

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