Text-Only Connection to CSIL

A text-only connection will let you run any Unix commands that you would run on a Terminal or Console when in the lab. You cannot run any commands that create new windows in the GUI system on the computers there.

You cannot connect directly from off-campus computers to any of the CSIL machines. You have to first connect to fraser.sfu.ca and from there to your destination. That means an extra step when logging in, but everything should work once you're there.

You can make an insecure connection to fraser.sfu.ca with a telnet program. If you want a secure connection, you can use a SSH (Secure Shell) program.

You should definitely use SSH because SSH and telnet programs work almost identically. The only difference is the added security.

Once you use your SSH or telnet program to connect from your computer to fraser, you then need to connect from there to a CSIL machine. The easiest way to do this is by using the implementation of SSH on fraser. Type the command:

ssh machine.csil.sfu.ca

More information is available on specific programs for these platforms:

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