Graphical Connection with Unix/Linux

SSH from your computer to fraser

Since SSH is included with Unix and Linux, you can use the command as with a text connection:


Once you're connected, you can test the graphical connection by running the command xlogo. If a new window appears with an "X" symbol in it, everything is working.

If you get an error like Error: Can't open display, you can log out and connect with the command

ssh -X

If that works (xlogo runs), you can make this change permanent (so you don't have to type -X every time) by adding the following lines to your ~/.ssh/config or /etc/ssh/ssh_config file:

Host *
  ForwardX11 yes

From fraser to CSIL

Once you use you make an X Windows connection from your computer to fraser, you then need to connect from there to a CSIL machine. This can be done with the command:


Again, you can test the X Windows connection by running the xlogo command.

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